About me  

Hi! I'm Sydney Adelle Sweat (hence the "SASs"). (And yes, it's pronounced SWEAT, not "sweet").

Fair warning: I'm not your cool & trendy photographer that knows everything about coffee. (My coffee is literally half creamer.) I'm a 30 year young immature southern awkward old soul who is basic AF. I love Bravo, botox, and butter. And I can occasionally pull off a slouchy beanie. 

My stalking abilities are so on point that I also own a recruiting business with my bestie (and often co-photographer), Kate. (So hit me up if you're in accounting, wink.)

I love everything, everyone, and I always want to travel and try new things... and eat. 

Other than picture takin', my favorite "things" include: laughing; puns; movies; cooking with a glass of wine (ok fine, rosé) whilst being serenaded by Van Morrison; driving with the windows down; listening to Led Zeppelin; watching a thunder storm from a porch swing; and anything my French Bulldog, Bowser, does. 

Sweet tea is good. Unsweet tea is disgusting. Krystal burgers are heaven.

I forget almost everything, but know the most random facts.

I'm a "moment" capturer. 

I'm your friend with a camera. 




Roll tide.