The Beard & the Blonde

Those of you who know me, know I have a terrible memory, but I remember meeting Ian and Joanna like it was yesterday. Their adoration for each other was (is) palpable. (They have the googly eye look DOWN.)

Their nuptials took place at Joanna's godparents' home in Annapolis. That Saturday was a nice reprieve from the summer heat and all was calm. Ian was the first face we saw upon arriving. Already knowing their first look would be at the aisle, he said "Joanna is upstairs. She doesn't want me to see her before the ceremony"... we then go to greet Joanna and she said "Ian should be next door. He doesn't want me to see him before the ceremony". This gave Megan and I a sweet chuckle.

One of my other favorite moments from the day, was when we were photographing Joanna on the staircase right before the ceremony, and the end of her train flipped up to reveal a blue fabric heart stitched inside. The heart was cut out from one of Joanna's father's shirts. Even though he has passed, he was certainly with her on her wedding day.  

The entire day was magical and so full of love. Congratulations Ian & Joanna!

Venue: Private Residence

2nd Shooter: Megan Lucks