Virginia is for Lovers and Babers

I first met Ashley almost a year ago. My friend kindly referred me upon learning Ashley was recently engaged. Knowing I was a newbie photographer, Ashley immediately agreed to meet with me. Ashley was so cute, refined, and excited. I was so nervous because I desperately wanted to book weddings, but had nothing to show. She had such confidence in me from the get go. 

Fast forward to the engagement shoot when I first met Jacob. I had already thought Ashley couldn't be more adorable, but oh my gosh - you could feel the spark between them. Ashley. lit. up. And Jacob was just as equally smitten. I'd have them pose initally and then they just started moving in this natural "ya duh we're in love, we got this" sort of way. It was a love groove. Our session went like this: "ya that looks good... oh - kiss her again! ok do that thing you just did when you thought I wasn't looking."

So naturally when wedding day came, I was pumped. I knew the day would go smoothly because Ashley is super organized, so it was no surprise that everything ran smoothly and looked beautiful! They had just enough morning rain for that touch of luck, too. It was a lovely and magical evening. Ashley and Jacob, you will always hold a special place in my heart. You trusted me with such an important task and believed in me. And I will never forget it. 

Shout out to the Day of Coordinator, Kristin Corrigan. It was great working with you!

Venue: The Lorien, Old Town Alexandria