Givin a lil Thanks

I spent the last week with my family at Massanutten in VA.  It was the most time I've spent with just my parents and brothers since I graduated high school. A much needed family retreat to soak up time with our dad who has Glioblastoma (4 years and still truckin'!) Even though I'm 28, Joe is 25, and Dylan is 17, it's like we were time-warped to 15+ years ago. We still bickered over the same stuff like what music we played in the car and who ate the last of the Trix cereal (true story). But we also laughed about the same stuff and still made Dylan our lil be-yotch for everything. We were just a few miles from Skyline Drive, so we went there a few times. I just wanted some overdue family photos. Luckily my brothers are just as vain as I am and were obliged to model. My favorite quote was from Joe, "Sydney... I FAKED laughed for you."

(I had fun editing these with my new VSCO presets which I am now obsessed with.)

Pretending to be Lifestyle Bloggers

There are from my last trip to Michigan. Yea yea, we had bid-nass to attend to, but not before we brunched, animaled, donutted, and champed. (Not pictured: White Castle)

New Cameraaaaaa!

Got the Nikon D810 which I LOVE. Guess who my immediate subjects were?

"YAY NEW CAMERA... wait. you said ONE photo.."

A Stylish Saturday

I had the pleasure of doing a shoot for Miss Tre' who loves to style and plan events. This was SUCH a fun shoot! We couldn't decide on muted/matte and vibrant... so we have a little of both! (Look out for her Fall and Winter shoots with Tre'!)


Kizz and Sizz took over Chicago last week. One of my FAVORITE cities... so far. (I liked most of these in black & white.)

Michigan: Boats, Bubbly, n' Bling

I went to Michigan the other week to see my fresbian in crime. I finally got to take a ride on the Malibu aka "boo" and met my other godpup, "Thor" (aka "Black Teddy Bam a Lam"). A few days later we went to Kalamazoo and Rockford to take engagement pics for Megan & Chris. This was Kate's first time trying out her new Canon and she got some great shots! (included below). She also gave great creative direction! I can't tell you how much fun it is to be able to share ANOTHER venture with your best friend, especially when she brings out your inner kook :)

4th of July!

Franks, frans, Finn, fireworks, and fun!

Baker's Bay

Last week I went with the Cummins Family to Baker's Bay in the Bahamas. Holy beautiful. Here are some of my favorite shots.

My behbehs

I never really had a dog until Kane. It's crazy how much I love him and Bowser. I cannot imagine life without them and it pains me to think about how short their life span is. We lost our Kaiser after only 1 year. That was devastating. It's not fair. I love them so much my heart explodes. I feel so sick/hurt/depressed when they are sick. I don't even think I will love my own children as much as I love them... (Does anyone else think about this? Has this been TRUE for anyone? I'm curious).

HD & matte filters

A Walk in the Woods

...blowin off some steam...

Perfect lil' Afternoon

Kate's parents are in town for the weekend and they offered to come over and cook this Saturday. Her dad made ke-bahbs and a nanner puddin. (That makes 2 nanner puddins I've forced people to make for me within the last month. (Thanks Mom)). 

Finished the evening with a pup walk and now I'm about to watch a movie with my long distance love. "Apart in distance, but never in heart."